Design & Focus Workshop

Find Career Direction, Focus, and Confidence

Intensive Workshop will be held Wednesdays, November 10, 17, and December 1 from 1-2 PM on Zoom.  

This intensive 3 session workshop is a structured and proven process to help you move forward in your job search with focus and confidence!

Next full Design & Focus Workshop will be in the Spring.

Registration Deadline for this intensive workshop is 11/8 by noon. 

Design and Focus Workshop

The Design & Focus Intensive workshop features the proprietary DF tool that develops your personal gifting summary.

In addition to the three 1 hour group training sessions, you'll receive 1 hour of private coaching after the workshop with Becky Terry, JSN Director of Training.

An abbreviated version of the Design & Focus Workshop. Pre-work and homework between each session required!

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Key Outcomes:

  • Assess your "Divine Design" including your personality, interests, values, skills, and gifts
  • Learn tools for investigating potential careers and wise decision making

Assess your Design so you can determine your new Focus!

For the unemployed, unhappily employed, misemployed or underemployed: Are you?

  • Frustrated in a meaningless job?
  • In a job clearly not a fit for you?
  • Want more confidence in your job search?
  • Feeling lost?
  • Need more focus?
  • At a dead end in your career?
  • Wanting to make more of a difference?
  • Not sure if you should make that risky move to something new?
  • Are you early in your career and want to make sure you get on the right career path? (Great for college students and early career young adults. Special registration rate offered!)

This program will help you dig deeper, learn more about yourself and unearth things that will give you insight into your future direction.

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Ready to find out more?

Hundreds of job seekers have participated and call Design & Focus “life changing.” It receives excellent reviews by past participants.

Past Participants Have Shared:

  • “Thank you for the Design and Focus class.  It really did help me stay focused on the things I enjoyed doing, so when this opportunity became available I was able to recognize that it would be right up my alley.”
  • “Helpful, soul-searching, focused, supportive, necessary.”
  • “It significantly cuts through the “fog” of what I do next.”
  • “This program helps you get grounded and directed. Everyone needs some motivation and a starting point.”
  • “Clarification of who you are and want is an essential element in a presentation about yourself. This course makes that concrete.”
  • “It takes work, but is worthwhile and benefits all areas of your life.”
  • “You Must Do This!”

There Will be Homework for this Workshop

Some weeks, the homework could take 8-10 hours, but it is vital to your progress in the program and for preparation for the job search. Like most things in life, you get out of the program what you put into it. Homework will require internet access.

Registration Fee

Thanks to the financial support of former job seekers, churches, and local businesses, we are able to offer these workshops at a very low price! Comparable workshops cost $500 to $4000.

Registration for Design & Focus Intensive:


The Design & Focus Intensive Workshop is offered at a $200 flat rate. Please pay by visiting our donate page and email us to let us know that it's for the Design & Focus Intensive. 

Please register by 11/8 at noon, as there is some pre-work for the class. 

Registration Options {Choose an option below}:

To keep your upfront costs low, registration can be paid in two parts- half now and the remainder a month into your new job or within one year. If you are currently employed full-time, we ask that you pay both parts now.

Early Bird Registration (REGISTER by TBD)

$129 now + $129 later {30 days after you get a job, no later than one year from the time of the workshop}. If you are currently employed full-time, please select the “Pay First & Second Half” button below. Early Bird deadline TBD.

Regular Registration

$149 now + $149 later {30 days after you get a job, no later than one year from the time of the workshop}. If you are currently employed full-time, please select the “Pay First & Second Half” button below.

Young Adult (Age <32) Registration Special Discount

$79 Registration + $79 later {30 days after you get a job, no later than within one year from the time of the workshop}. If you are currently employed full-time, please select the “Pay First & Second Half” button below.

Scholarships are Available

Scholarships are:

  • partial (you will still need to pay $50)
  • limited (we are asked for more scholarships than we can award)
  • deferred (we ask you to pay us back when you get a job and back on your feet)

Download the application and email your completed application to Please be very complete with information regarding your financial situation; as you can imagine, nearly all of our applicants are unemployed.

Scholarship application deadline is MONDAY, November 1 at 11:59 PM.

You will be notified by email if your scholarship application is approved.

Donate to Our Scholarship Fund

How Can I Pay?

1. Pay By Check:  Mail checks made out to “Job Seekers Network” to Job Seekers Network, 13492 Research Blvd., Suite 120, #421, Austin, TX 78750. Email once you put a check in the mail.

You can also bring a check on Monday morning during the JSN meeting and turn it in to the workshop registrar.

2. Pay By Credit Card: Click the appropriate button above and select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” at the bottom of the new page.

Refund Policy

Minimum required attendance for workshop: 15. Money will be refunded if we don’t meet the minimum.

Registration Refund Policy: Should you get a job and are unable to participate in the class because of work conflicts, you can let us know at least 24 hours in advance of the first class for a refund of the registration amount. Once the class has started, no refunds will be given. No refunds will be given for failure to attend or for failure to notify us within 24 hours of the first class session.

If you took Design & Focus prior to 2020, pay the second half of your workshop fee here:

More Testimonials

JSN’s Design & Focus class helped me to be confident that once the job offer did come, it was in alignment with my skills, talents, and values. It is still a good true-north plan that I can refer to from time to time and adjust to assess career and passion journey.

Enrique Class Attendee

The Design & Focus class was the turning point for my job search. Without the class, I felt lost and hopeless. It gave me direction and hope! The workshop helped me understand myself better. I learned what was a true fit in my life and career. It has also helped to restore my confidence in myself by teaching me that I have strong skills that have been underutilized. I look forward to my future now, knowing what direction I'm headed. I also look forward to when I get a job so I can pay-it-forward and help someone else take the workshop.

Kristin Class Attendee

The Design & Focus class has given me resources, information, and evaluations to implement to help me further improve my career path. It truly has opened my eyes and has provided insights on the attributes that I couldn't see I possessed by myself. The potential for success feels imminent. I feel fully equipped to take on the job market now by the horns and implement a plan to land the dream job I'm looking for. Thanks again!

David Class Attendee