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At Job Seekers Network, we firmly believe that people who are pursuing work in alignment with their gifting, life goals and life calling will be more fulfilled and better able to adapt to changes in the work environment and world. Clear direction is also vital to a focused and effective job search.


At JSN, we do make a distinction between the concepts of Job, Career, and Calling.

A Job is the work or tasks you do on a daily basis to earn a living. As you change positions and employers, your job changes.

A Career is rooted in the concept of running along a specified path or course; therefore, we commonly use it as the term for the series of jobs we have along a certain professional path, typically on an upward projection.

The concept of Calling is larger than your career. When we look at the definition and its Latin and Greek roots, we see the concept of divine influence and our purpose or destiny in the world as spouses, parents, community citizens, in addition to our vocation or profession. It more clearly encompasses your “Life Work.”

Career/Life Planning Pyramid

The Career / Life Planning Pyramid shows the progression of how important understanding your Career Direction (through Self-Assessment, Career Exploration, & Decision-Making) and your Life Calling (Purpose/Mission, Fulfilment/Success, & Life Mission & Balance) is as you proactively manage your career and life. You can’t easily start your Job Search without first building a solid foundation in the earlier steps.

Special Workshops

Our special workshops help you invest in gaining more clarity and focus in your job search and in your calling, leading to greater fulfillment in work and life.

Design & Focus - a Career Direction / Confidence Workshop

Offered five times each year

This four-session workshop helps you better understand yourself and make well-informed career decisions with increased clarity and confidence. You will complete assessments, exercises and identify transferable skills and preferred work environment with a small team of fellow participants, helping you identify a job or career target that will be fulfilling, fit your gifting and will result in being a more confident job seeker.

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Living the Called Life - a Life Purpose / Life Mission / Calling Workshop

Offered three times each year

This two-session interactive, biblically based workshop enables you to explore God’s purpose in your life, develop a life calling plan, write a life mission statement, assess your work/life balance, and create a life growth plan.

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Work as Worship Study

Offered periodically and as an online self-study

Can you be on mission for God while working in the marketplace? What if we viewed our work as worship? Join us for this free series where we share inspiration, tools, and support to help you effectively integrate your busy work life (and job search) with your spiritual life and calling.

If you are thinking of making a career change or you just want to stop and take stock of your strengths and gifting to live and work more purposefully, we hope you’ll join us for our special workshops.

For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10