Journey of a Job Seeker

Journey of a Job Seeker

The journey of a job seeker is not easy. It’s often lonely, frustrating and scary. Throw in some self-doubt and financial stress, and the situation can quickly become overwhelming. The good news is that there is hope. The encouragement, training and guidance needed to make the job search process more effective can be found through JSN. In the past 11+ years, we have helped more than 10,000 job seekers in their search to find a better fitting job faster.

JSN Journey Illustration

The first step is attending a FREE Monday morning JSN Meeting. (Currently meeting online) The timing and design of a JSN meeting is strategic – when you start your week off with an inspirational speaker, training and practice on specific job search skills and networking with other job seekers and potential employers – you’ll be more intentional and effective in your job search efforts throughout the rest of the week.

Another key step is to find your focus and identify your job target, then clearly communicate this on your resume and LinkedIn profile. The team at JSN has developed two workshops to walk you through a self-assessment of your personality, interests, skills and experience so you can build your search on a solid foundation.

At JSN, you’ll find opportunities to network with other job seekers, offer and receive accountability and learn strategies for making meaningful connections with employers. The importance of community in carrying you through this challenging journey is invaluable. Once you have successfully transitioned to a better fitting job, you are invited to use your gifting and
resources to give back. In fact, some of our coaches were once job seekers in JSN and volunteer their time because of the difference it made in their lives.

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