Guest Speaker Videos

"PowerUp LinkedIn: Energize Your Profile & Attract the People Who Need You on Their Team" by Kara Bell, JSN's resume coach and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE).

"Focused Networking Into Your Target Companies" by Scott Uhrig, Executive Recruiter, Author and Founder of Career Artisan and Paul Hooper, Data Architect.

"Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Job Search" by Glenn Burchard, Sr. VP + Director of Professional Services at Lee Hecht Harrison.

"Taking the Mystery Out of Navigating Your Job Hunt", by Jay Curry, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition at Serenova

"Unstuck: Fresh Traction For Common Struggles" by Donnie Maib, Assistant Athletics Director Athletic Performance at The University of Texas.

"Shift Your Paradigm for a Successful Interview" by Ken Kuznia, Founder of the DigYourWork program and CEO of Point Blank Recruiting.

Job, Career, Calling Video - Becky Terry, Training and Communications Manager at Job Seekers Network

Why settle for just a job that gets you a paycheck when you can strive for and get a position on a career path that takes full advantage of your passion, skills, abilities and values.

"Your PR Factor: Produce Real Change and Victory" by Deborah Leverett, Managing Director of Entera Partners.

"Making an Impact by Networking" by Ed Gillispie. Ed is former Dell Sales VP and General Manager.

"From Fear To Freedom Through The Filter of H.O.P.E." by Mary Dunn. Learn about the Art and Science of Conquering Fear.

If you are struggling with fear here is a website with some good verses to help you face life's battles:

"Leading Yourself: An Absolute Necessity In Charting A New Path" by Gary Runn on Feb. 22, 2016.

Leading yourself is an absolute necessity to charting a new path. Gary defines leadership and covers three disciplines to self leadership: self awareness, self management and self development. One of the best talks we've had at JSN!

Click on the link below for the PowerPoint presentation:

Leading Yourself Gary Runn

"How Thinking Like A Backpacker Will Help Your Job Search" by Craig Foster. An informative talk that correlates your job search to planning and taking a backpacking trip. Craig Foster is Executive Director at Job Seekers Network.

"A New Thing" by Donnie Maib.  An insightful and motivating talk that anyone will benefit from but especially if you are going through a trial such as unemployment.

T.A.S.K Based Goal Setting by Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer, Danny Smith