Giving Tuesday

people in a circle with their hands stacked on top of each others

A Global Generosity Movement
December 1, 2020

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to stand together – to use the collective power of our individual generosity for good. 

In keeping with our mission to serve the unemployed and underemployed in Greater Austin, we recognize Giving Tuesday as a critical opportunity to support job seekers in a tangible way. 2020 has been a year of challenges, and the unemployed are feeling it deeply. The average job search is taking much longer, and there is significant uncertainty in the job market.

Each year on Giving Tuesday – which follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday – we have the opportunity to turn from consumerism to the causes that matter to us. When you donate on Giving Tuesday, you’re supporting job seekers in a meaningful way. A decision to donate matters to job seekers, who are struggling to be seen and gain insight.
Together, we can make a difference when we donate on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your contribution in any amount.

Workshop Scholarships

On December 1st, JSN’s goal is to raise $2,000 in donations to provide for 10 Design & Focus scholarships that will equip job seekers with the focus, clarity, and confidence that they are desperately searching for during their unemployment.

One job seeker recently shared the impact the Design & Focus workshop had on her job search:

“The Design & Focus workshop was the turning point for my job search. Without the class, I felt lost and hopeless. It gave me direction and hope! The workshop helped me to understand myself better. I learned what was a true fit in my life and career. It has also helped to restore confidence in myself by teaching me that I have strong skills that have been underutilized. I look forward to my future now, knowing which direction I’m headed.”

Donations in any amount on Giving Tuesday are greatly appreciated & will make a real difference to local job seekers as they persevere during the difficulty of unemployment.