Giving Tuesday


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A Global Generosity Movement
November 29,2022

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to stand together – to use the collective power of our individual generosity for good.

2022 has continued to be a year full of challenges for many people who seek fulfillment in their lives, and 2023 could find many, many unemployed and underemployed people in Great Austin needing our help. Giving Tuesday provides you with a critical opportunity to support job seekers in a tangible way.

Each year on Giving Tuesday – which follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday – we have the opportunity to turn from consumerism to the causes that matter the most to us. When you donate on Giving Tuesday, you’re supporting JSN in a meaningful and tangible way.

Together, we can make a difference when we donate on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your contribution in any amount.


Purpose? Calling? How are those things affiliated with work or my life? 

People have been long been interested in finding out what their purpose is or how to live a more fulfilled life.

But can your calling and purpose be aligned with your career and your life? Absolutely.

JSN saw the need for guidance in this specific area and created a workshop that address those exact questions.

Our Living the Called Life workshop began as a two-session workshop, but last year we expanded the existing workshop into an eight-session course.

Over the past few years, we’ve become acutely aware that we were made for more. Through the workshop, participants dive deep and develop their life purpose and mission statements and a plan to live out their calling. They learn the difference between a job, a career & a calling, how to balance work & the rest of their life, and how to create a life growth plan.

We see great value in taking this new expanded version of our Living the Called Life Workshop to other audiences. This life changing workshop is relevant and applicable at all life stages, from adolescence to late adulthood, for the unemployed and employed, and everyone in between.


This Giving Tuesday, JSN is has a goal to raise $5000, which would allow us to take this workshop to additional organizations and give more people the insights and clarity they are desperately searching for to live out their life purposefully!


“Does your life have purpose? (Trick question – yes, it does.) Come to this class to find yours.”

“This class is time well spent to assess several areas of your life and build a plan for the future.”


Together, we can make a difference and provide clarity to those who find themselves meandering throughout life and help them tap into their purpose when we donate this Giving Tuesday.

Thank you for your contribution in any amount.

Other Ways to Give:
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Planned Giving:
JSN now has support for Planned Giving.
  • Hitting 70.5 years of age soon? Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to JSN to minimize taxes on your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • Include a donation to JSN in your will or living trust
  • Make JSN your primary or contingent beneficiary on your IRA, 401K or Life Insurance
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