Help us "fill the hole" with your gift to PurposeWorks, formerly known as Job Seekers Network.

Together, we can create a sweeter, brighter future for the lost and unsettled in both life and career.

Your support will help create a lasting impact.

Some examples of how your donation can touch someone's life:

$75 one time /monthly

Sponsors four Guides in monthly one-on-one meetings

$100 one time / monthly

Provides training and coaching for someone lacking purpose in life

$500 one time / monthly 

Sponsors 8 job seekers in one-on-one custom coaching

$1000 one time / monthly 

Fills the support pipeline of 100 guides trained and equipped to serve

$1500 one time / monthly 

Helps 70 job seekers get the training and support they need

$2500 one time / monthly

Equips 50 people at a critical crossroads discover their purpose

Your donation provides hope, joy, community, and tangible support to those who need it most.

Other Ways to Give:

Donate by check made payable to "Job Seekers Network"                                                                                                           Mail to: Job Seekers Network 13492 Research Blvd. Suite 120, #421 Austin, TX 78750